“Flowers and Japan”

“Flowers and Japan”

Hiroko Nakakita

Feb. 3, 2021  – Mar. 7, 2021

In nature, flowers that bloom in “random” are something that we humans long for, as we are bound by reason and think and live in a “deliberate” way. She states that the real beauty emerges when both “random” and “deliberate” elements are perfectly balanced in the mind and on a single canvas.

The theme of this exhibition is “Flowers and Japan,” and it is a collection of works that depict the color of the soul of Japanese people who are mindful to the transience of life, and correlates the cycle of a person’s life to the life of flowers until their withering moments. 

“In our daily lives, we constantly try to seek answers and attempt to find the right actions that best conform with other people.

I have adored chandeliers that remain to overlook over such human nature, or flowers that are short-lived but full of life and bloom to their last fleeting moments. These are things I have continued to paint.

Human beings cannot live freely like flowers, as we have emotions. However, when emotions heighten, we sigh deeply or emit tears and sweat. For me, the dripping of paint is something that comes deep from my body. I believe that relinquishing myself to the unexpected things, like a drip and accepting each unexpected encounter with color, is the only way to produce a work with a soul.

As I sway back and forth between overflowing emotions and praying silently, I replace them with colors. I believe that finding harmony between “deliberate” and “random” born from the colors and sublimating it into the world of imagining, is when a true beauty arises, and I try to paint that every day.”—NAKAKITA Hiroko

NAKAKITA Hiroko, who completed her master’s degree at Tokyo University of the Arts in 2006, has been actively holding exhibitions in Osaka, Kobe, and Tokyo. Additionally, freeing herself to not only be in Japan, she has also held exhibitions in New York and built her career by producing and presenting works in earnest fashion. She has consistently worked on the contradictory theme of “deliberate” and “random.”

Located in the bustling and artistic Lower East Side neighborhood in New York City, Mizuma & Kips is dedicated in displaying the very best in fine art from Asia, Europe and America. The gallery focuses on contemporary art, displaying diverse pieces ranging from oil painting to photography. Comprised of two well- established galleries, Mizuma & Kips has participated in numerous international art fairs, most notably The Armory Show in New York 2019 as well as Art Basel in Hong Kong 2019. Mizuma Art Gallery has had success in the Asian art market since 1994, with locations in Tokyo, Singapore, Beijing, and Indonesia.

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